Luminette Sheer Panels

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Luminette Sheer Panels are drapery-like sheers that exude a soft glow. They are distinctly designed to control light while also creating nice privacy. This type of shade was chosen as the 2022 Window Covering Manufacturers Association Product of the Year! This is an award that recognizes the best of the window coverings industry's new products and selected this Luminette Sheer Panel for its design and innovation.

Key Features & Enhancements

Luminette Privacy Sheer Panels combine sheers and blinds and are the perfect accessory for doors and large windows. Here are some of the key features and enhancements.

  • Light control and privacy from rotating fabric vanes.
  • UV Protection provides a buffer between interiors and the sun.
  • Beautiful fabrics luxurious, high-quality selection.
  • Vane size: 3.5."
  • Get a coordinated for horizontal and vertical window treatments.
  • Cut fabrics for coordinating accessories.
  • Exclusive fabrics available from the Alustra collection.

Control Options

Smart Automated

  • Enjoy convenient control with PowerView Automation, via an app, remote or smart-home system.
  • Precise, convenient control.
  • Control shades at home with a remote.
  • Control shades at home or away with an app.
  • Schedule shades to automatically open and close.
  • Integrates easily with other smart-home systems.

Wand and Cord

  • Pull on the cord and rotate the wand using combination wand/cord control.
  • The cord opens and closes the blinds.
  • Wand rotates the vanes.

Traveling Wand

  • Basic push and pull control with a traveling wand.
  • No pull cords.
  • Traveling wand tilts the vanes.
  • Traveling wand traverses the blinds.
  • A safer option for small children and pets.

Specialty Shapes

  • Patio & Sliding-Glass Doors: Large, vertical expanses of glass.
  • French Doors: Side-by-side doors.
  • Sidelights: Windows around entry doors.

Luminette Sheer Panels FAQs

How Do I Measure My Windows for Luminette Sheer Shades?

Before you start measuring, first consider whether you want an inside or outside mounted window treatment. If you opt for inside, then you will need to make sure your window is square by measuring horizontally at the top, center and bottom, vertically along both sides and center and diagonally. You should also measure the frame depth and take into account any window hardware that may obstruct the window treatment.

What Size Window Do Luminette Privacy Sheers Fit?

Horizontal application:

  • width: 8 inches to 192 inches.
  • height: 24 inches to 120 inches.

How Do I Clean Luminette Privacy Sheers?

Luminette fabrics are 100% polyester, which makes them resilient, anti-static and dust resistant. However, periodic cleaning is recommended in to help keep these shades looking like new. Here is how to clean them:

  • Use a feather duster for regular light dusting.
  • For more thorough dust removal, use a hand-held vacuum with low suction. When you vacuum, be sure to avoid pulling or stretching the fabric. We recommend to start in the upper left corner and work across the fabric using short horizontal strokes while steadying the fabric with your free hand. Do not use long horizontal or vertical strokes as these motions will likely crease the fabric.

Do Luminette Privacy Sheers Have a Lifetime Warranty?

Hunter Douglas Offers a Lifetime Limited Warranty, which covers the following areas:

  • Covered for defects in materials, workmanship or failure to operate for as long as the original retail purchaser owns the product unless for specified shorter reasons you will find below.
  • All internal mechanisms.
  • Components and brackets.
  • Fabric Delamination.
  • Operational cords for a full 7 years from the original date of purchase.
  • Repairs and/or replacements will be made with like or similar parts or products.
  • Hunter Douglas motorization components are covered for 5 years from the date of purchase.

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