Vignette Roman Shades from Hunter Douglas

At The Blind Spot, we partner with many of the best manufacturers in the United States, which includes Hunter Douglas. Among the many window treatment options from Hunter Douglas includes Vignette Roman Shades. These elegantly tailored shades use a linen fabric and come in flat or full folds. When used, they transform light in any living area that creates a more alluring space.

Buy Vignette Roman Shades

For more information about these shades or any other window treatments from Hunter Douglas, please reach out to us today. We have store locations in Wantagh and Babylon. From sheer shades to cellular shades to much more, The Blind Spot carries many great types of Hunter Douglas window treatments. Get a professional hand when picking out the shades for your home.

Features and Enhancements

These Vignette Roman Shades from Hunter Douglas are a contemporary type of window treatment that has many great features and enhancements. They are a twist on a traditional roman shade and will add a clean, crisp, contemporary aesthetic to any room. Here are some of the features that make these Vignette Roman Shades from Hunter Douglas the perfect addition to your home living space.

  • Energy Efficient - these shades insulate well and their room-darkening fabrics limit heat gain or loss depending on the season.
  • Use of Beautiful Fabrics - a luxurious, high-quality selection of fabrics to choose from.
  • Style Options - order in rolling or stacking shades to match the style of the living space.
  • Fold Sizes - order 4" full fold or 6" flat fold sizes.
  • Fabric Opacities - sheer, light filtering or room darkening options available to match your needs.
  • Get a Coordinated Look - horizontal and vertical window treatments available, so you can get a matching aesthetic.

Optional Enhancements Available

Those previous features come standard with every Vignette Roman Shade from Hunter Douglas. Here are some optional enhancements available that you can inquire about and add to the already great shades.

Light Control and Privacy in One

With our Top-Down / Bottom-Up design or our Duolight system you can get excellent light control, while getting privacy for any room.

Exclusive Fabrics Available

When you choose from the Alustra Collection, there are exclusive fabrics available that will add a wow factor to any living space.

Cut Fabrics for Coordinating Accessories 

When you opt for Accents by the Yard, you have the ability to cut fabrics for coordinating accessories, which will make the whole room pop.

Two Independent Shades

With our Two-on-One headrail design, you have the option to go for two independent shades. Adding a new dimension to the room.

Control Options

Smart Automated

Enjoy convenient control with PowerView Automation. Control using an app, remote or smart-home system.

  • Precise control.
  • Ability to control shades at home with the touch of a remote.
  • Control shades at home or when you are away with an app on your phone.
  • You can schedule shades to automatically open or close depending on your needs.
  • These shades integrate with other smart-home systems.

UltraGlide Retractable Cord

Gently pull on the UltraGlide cord for the stacking style of shades. No long or dangling cords when you purchase with the UltraGlide cords.

UltraGlide Retractable Wand

Gently pull on the UltraGlide wand when you purchase the rolling style of shade.

  • Soft-touch and ergonomic wand.
  • Safe for small children and pets.
  • The retractable wand stays at a constant length.

Push/Pull LiteRise System

Simply push or pull down with the LiteRise System. With LiteRise, you get the following features:

  • No long or dangling cords.
  • Safer for small children and pets.
  • Shades that stay secure in any position.
  • Get a clean, streamlined look.

EasyRise Cord Loop

Pull on the EasyRise corded loop. Ideal for larger windows. With the EasyRise Cord Loop you get:

  • No long or dangling cords.
  • Smooth movement.
  • A loop attaching to wall-mounted cord tensioner.

Specialty Shapes for Hunter Douglas Vignette Roman Shades

When you choose the Vignette Roman Shades from Hunter Douglas, you have the ability to choose from some custom specialty shapes. Here are the specialty shapes you can choose from.

  • Arches: Gothic arches, half-circles, half-moons and more!
  • Angles: Right angles, isosceles triangles and sloped windows.
  • Trapezoids: Windows with tapered, parallel sides.
  • Circles & Ovals: Round windows.
  • Bay & Corner Windows: Curved and angled windows.
  • Patio & Sliding Glass Doors: Large, vertical expanses of glass.
  • French Door: Side-by-side doors.