Sheer Shades from Hunter Douglas

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The Blind Spot is an authorized partner of Hunter Douglas and offers sheer shades to customers across Long Island. Hunter Douglas is one of the premier manufacturers of window coverings. All of their sheer shades are assembled and designed in the United States and are built to size. Many of their shades can be made to order custom. As a company, they aim to be leaders in the industry and a have a longstanding to quality and innovation. They offer features, such as different fabrics and colors and operating systems for their window treatments.

Hunter Douglas has over 2,400 textiles that have been developed in partnership with artists and fabric mills globally. So you have the ability to choose from bold, contemporary motifs to raw, natural materials and more! See what else Hunter Douglas has to offer in terms of window treatments. And check out their website for a complete look at everything Hunter Douglas has to offer.

Types of Hunter Douglas Sheer Shades Available

Let's take a closer look at some of the sheer shades available from Hunter Douglas.

Silhouette Sheer Shades

Silhouette sheer shades from Hunter Douglas come with adjustable S-shaped vanes between light-diffusing front and back sheer panels. They are the ultimate in light-enhancing shades. When you opt for these silhouette shades, there are over 150 fabric and color choices to make!

Pirouette Sheer Shades

Pirouette sheer shades from Hunter Douglas offer adjustable, softly contoured fabric vanes with a light-diffusing pack pane. These shades enhance the lighting in a room and offer UV protection. When you opt for pirouette sheer shades, you have the option to choose from over 90 different fabric and color choices!

Luminette Sheer Panels

Luminette sheer panels from Hunter Douglas offer light-diffusing vertical sheer panels with fully-integrated vertical vanes. These sheer panels will enhance the light in any room and offer adjustable light and privacy controls for ease of use. They are ideal for larger windows. When you opt for luminette sheer panels, there are over 80 different types of fabric and color choices you can make!

Benefits of Sheer Shades

When you opt for sheer shades from Hunter Douglas, you get some great benefits. Sheer shades offer a modern look at the window in any room, while still giving you full control of the amount of light that is entering your room. Sheer shades, in general, are the perfect blend of traditional horizontal blinds and modern shades. Let's check out some reasons why you should choose sheer shades from Hunter Douglas.

Luxurious Fabrics to Choose From

Sheer shades from Hunter Douglas are fully customizable and come with various opacity options, elegant color and delicate sheer fabrics. So you can make them perfect for any sort of room or setting.

Easy to Operate

When it comes to Hunter Douglas and operating systems for sheer shades, they make it easy to operate. Which is not always the case for the operating of shades from other, lower quality brands. There are a variety of options at your disposal for smooth and easy operation.

Excellent UV Protection

The sheer fabrics are ideal in the prevention of harmful UV rays from entering any room or environment, so there is less UV damage to floors, furnishings and whatever else could be harmed by the penetration of UV rays.

Light & Privacy Control

When you use the various sheer shades from Hunter Douglas, simply tilt the vanes to achieve the optimal level of privacy and incoming light. So you get the best privacy and light control at your disposal with these shades.

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