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The Blind Spot is an authorized dealer of Norman shutters, which includes their line of beautiful Normandy shutters. We pride ourselves on working with the best and Norman shutters are among the best on the market. So if you are looking for beautiful, elegant and cutting edge shutters, look no further than Norman! They offer award-winning shutters and the latest in innovation. Making their Normandy shutters one of the best shutters available.

For more information about all of the window treatments available at The Blind Spot, please reach out to us today. We have two showrooms on Long Island. For the Nassau County residents, check out our Wantagh showroom. The number for Wantagh is 516) 783-7001. For those located in Suffolk County, perhaps the Babylon showroom is easier to travel to. The number for our Babylon showroom is 631) 789-3389. When you call, we can provide you with more information regarding our partnership with Norman shutters. Simple and easy customization is available, too.

Benefits of Norman Normandy Shutters

Since Norman shutters are of the highest quality, they Normandy shutters offer each user a whole host of great benefits. These shutters are sophisticated and unique. And the real hardwood offers an unmistakable beauty and luxury to the shutter. The Paulownia hardwood in the Normandy stained shutters collection offers luxurious wood graining with elegant natural characteristics that showcase both the depth of the shutter and its character.

All of the Normandy shutters for sale are prescription wood conditioned. This means they have great durability and offer some of the best strength to weight ratios among all types of wood shutters on the market. Due to Norman's use of only the highest quality materials and latest technologies, you benefit by getting one of the best shutters money can buy. Here are some of the wonderful benefits of Normandy shutters.

Elegant Wood Grain

When you choose Normandy stained shutters, you get shutters with luxurious wood graining that still has beautiful and elegant natural characteristics. Get both depth and character with these shutters.

Control Your Shutters From Anywhere

These shutters offer easy motorization. So you can control an entire house of shutters with a remote or an app. Open and close the shutters where ever you are. Even when you're not home. So if you want to close the shades to keep the house cool in the hot summer, you can do so.

Prescription Wood Conditioning

The moisture level of these wood shutters can be customized to meet the demands. They offer a unique drying process that will help to reduce any post-installation shrinking and swelling. Keeping the shutters in good working condition for years on end.

Quarter Sawn Louvers

These are not the cheap flat-sawn louvers that you will find in regular wood shutters for your home. These quarter sawn louvers have a tighter grain that offers more resistance to cupping, twisting and warping.


You will not see a tilt rod with with these shutters. There is a built-in gear that drives the system with precise control.

Mortise and Tenon Joinery

Our mortise and tenon joints help the shutters to withstand years of shear stress and racking forces, making it a great option for the longevity of the shutters.

Engineered Stiles

These Normandy shutters are bonded together with multiple layers of wood. This process strengthens the stile core and offers a lifetime of durability and stability. So you will get a product that you can depend on.