Design Your Own Blinds & Shades

When you turn to The Blind Spot of Long Island, NY, you have the great opportunity to design your own blinds or shades. Get creative and create something fun and original. We make it simple and easy to design blinds or shades that will perfectly match your own rooms and aesthetic. Many great manufacturers and distributors partner with us, which helps us bring you a wide selection of shades and blinds to choose from!

Tips on Designing Blinds or Shades

Custom Designed DrapesIf you are a novice, then don’t worry. Our staff has years of experience dealing with custom blinds, shades, and drapes. We will help you design your own shades or blinds. In the meantime, check out some tips about how to get the most out of your custom designed blinds and shades.

Blinds & Shades Should Add Support, NOT Stick Out

When it comes to a custom design for blinds and shades, it is wise to simply let the window fashions blend softly with the color pallet of the room. This allows for other parts of the room to stand out. We suggest avoiding dramatic treatments, like intense colors, a dramatic color contrast with walls and floors or bright patterns. However, if you want the new window treatments to be the focus or you have a particular theme in mind, then go for it.

The Lasting Power of Neutrals

Neutral colors are not seemingly everyone’s first choice, but they have a surprising lasting power when compared to other colors that may go out of fashion or are hard to style a room when your tastes change. White, off-whites, beige, grey and neutralized colors are often the best choices for lasting utility and appeal. They make for simple and easy redecorating down the road.

Cozy or Expansive?

Do you have a feel for how colors will make a room feel? Do you know what you want? Well, for starters, dark and intense colors will close-in a space. Make it feel smaller. Whereas lighter values create a feeling of openness. So keep that in mind when choosing the colors for your custom designed shades or blinds.

Keep Size In Mind

When it comes to the size of the window fashions, it is important to think about what the sizes of your expected fashions mean. It might be obvious to say, but you want larger fashions in large rooms, and smaller ones in small rooms. For blinds, shades and shutters, larger rooms and windows visually support larger pleats, slat sizes or louver sizes. So keep that in mind when designing the look of a room.

What About Designs With Lines?

Lines are a tricky aspect to maneuver. Vertical lines tend to be more formal and they naturally draw the eye up. Horizontal lines will draw your eyes around the room. Long, uninterrupted lines and low contrast will visually increase the space in the room. We recommend avoiding lines and patterns in window fashions that will compete with other lines or patterns in the décor (and visa-versa). It will look sloppy and confusing.

You'll See Them Outside

An underrated part when you design your own blinds and shades is the fact that you will likely be able to see them from outside the home! So it is important to take that into consideration when selecting a style. It is always nice to see beautiful window coverings when you are approaching your home. But the opposite is also true. Nobody wants to see something ugly when coming home.

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When you turn to The Blind Spot, we can help you design your own blinds and shades! So please, if you are looking to get new blinds or shades for your home or office, get in touch with The Blind Spot!

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