Blackout Shades for Bedroom

Blackout shades are a popular item for many rooms or settings. Wherever you want less light, choosing blackout shades will help. One of the most popular, and necessary, spots to put up blackout shades is in the bedroom. The bedroom is a crucial place to have the proper window treatments. After all, it's where you sleep! And getting a good night's sleep is important to your health and well-being. One of the best options for a great night's sleep is adding complete blackout shades. By darkening your bedroom, you allow yourself to have a healthier night's sleep. At The Blind Spot, we partner with many of the best manufacturers of blackout shades and bring them to customers across Long Island, New York. Get affordable pricing for some of the best shades on the market.

Benefits of Complete Blackout Shades

And oftentimes, these blackout shades come with other great benefits, like being energy efficient. Many have a unique construction that will add an extra layer of insulation. So this prevents heat loss at the window and allows for the temperature to stay consistent. These shades also allow for a room to be cool, too, when it is hot in the summer. And since you get this extra layer of insulation, you will also save money on your energy bill! So not only does your sleep improve, but so does your financial situation.

On top of that, many complete blackout shades also offer noise reduction. So that is another way for you to sleep comfortably. Not only will the shades keep the temperature comfortable and the room dark, but you won't wake up from early morning traffic or loud, chirping birds.

Many of these blackout shades have unique construction that allows them to perform in such a manner as to not allow any light to seep into the bedroom. There is typically an overlap of the front and back shades that blend seamlessly into the window frame. And oftentimes the material of the shade is optimized to either absorb or deflect depending on the situation.

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