Window Treatments in Nassau

The Blind Spot offers customers with a wide range of window treatments in Nassau County. These treatments are available for homes and businesses alike. A window treatment is simply a fancy way of describing any interior decorating element. The look of a window can be enhanced by nice treatments and materials that can be placed on, in, around or over a window to complete the look.

Our Wantagh location is the place to turn to for window treatments in Nassau County. The number to reach our Wantagh office is 516-783-7001. You can also follow our Facebook page! Stay connected and get the best window treatments in Nassau County!

Nassau Window TreatmentsThe goal of any window treatment job is to enhance the aesthetic of the window and the room the window is in. Sounds simple, right? Well, there is a skill involved in creating a look that compliments the rest of the room. Window treatments can be broken into two different subsets: hard treatments and soft treatments. A hard treatment is made of hard materials, such as wood or vinyl. Making a soft treatment made of soft materials, such as curtains and drapery. 

Custom Window Treatments

When you turn to the Blind Spot in Nassau County, you have the ability to design your own window treatments. We give all of our customers the ability to customize blinds, shades and drapes. You can pick the color and various lengths to best fit your potential placement. Customization is easy and affordable. We are the place to turn to whether you are working on a tighter budget or looking for something a little more extravagant! Consult with us before starting any project, because we want to help you save money while also fulfilling your vision.

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The Blind Spot has years of experience working with window treatments. We can provide you with a whole host of high quality and affordable options for your home or business. Our window treatments can help redecorate any sort of setting. We will consult with you to go over the sort of look and feel you are going for. We will also help you come to a conclusion that satisfies your vision. For more information about our window treatments in Nassau County, please contact us today. We will happily answer any questions you may have regarding any potential window treatments and the options we have available for you.

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The Blind Spot offers affordable window treatments in Nassau County and is your home for custom blinds, shades and draperies. We have two locations on Long Island. Our Nassau County location is in Wantagh (516-783-7001). We also have one located in Babylon for those in Suffolk County (631-789-3389). So please, turn to whichever location is most convenient for you. When you reach out, we will go over all of the window treatment options at your disposal.

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